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Hong Kong, Cancun, Dubai Anyone?
Hong Kong, Cancun, Dubai Anyone?
TripValet: $225
PriceFinder: $458
TripValet: $207
PriceFinder: $247
TripValet: $352
PriceFinder: $393
Alyssa Ramos
"What I really love about the whole TripValet concept is that it makes it possible for pretty much anyone to travel. You don’t have to lower your standards to stay somewhere cheaper. You get the same affordable prices but at a better hotel just by having the membership, which is such a steal. It will pay for itself the first trip you take. For example, the beautiful Marival Resort in Puerto Vallarta I am staying at is $700 less (than other sites) just because I have the TripValet membership." 
Calvin Corzine
 "To pay $97 a year is a no-brainer to make that savings up in one trip, especially if you travel a lot. The savings are worth their weight in gold because the savings become an extra vacation."
Ainsley Rodriguez
"This is a no-brainer for anyone. Whether it is that you travel all the time, have one vacation a year or, even if you have a business trip to another state for a couple of nights. The savings you receive for $97 a year is made up in just one weekend of staying at a hotel."
Carolina Romero
"Who doesn’t like to save money! TripValet is great, I love to travel and the fee is not even a concern because you’ll get that $97 right back on the first trip."
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